Many not-for-profits provide valuable programs within the communities that they serve. Often these services are provided to individuals and families golf tournament prize ideas who may not be able to afford these needed services. Therefore, in order for the not-for-profit to raise the needed financial resources they have to engage in an aggressive fundraising program.

Some of these fundraising efforts can include asking for outright donations, the writing of grants and conducting special events. Often these special events include golf tournaments, walk-a-thons, dinners, raffles, auctions, etc. One additional fundraising event is the selling of items in which a certain part of the proceeds go back to the not-for-profit to help with the provision of services. One such effort is raising money through the selling of fundraising cookies.

Fundraising cookies, as a revenue generating idea for non-profits, can prove to be a great fundraiser. This is based on the benefits derived to all those involved and the popularity of selling fundraising cookies.

Benefits Of Fundraising Cookies

There are three basic benefits associated with fundraising cookies. Those benefits are realized by the organization, those clients that they serve and to the individuals that actually sell the fundraising cookies.

The benefits realized by the organization through this fundraising effort include the financial resources to provide the money required to fulfill their mission statement within the community. Generally a large percentage of the sales of fundraising cookies go back to the not-for-profit organization. The percentage of net proceeds can be as high as 70% which is well within the range of acceptable revenue generation considering the costs involved to manufacture, package, ship, and sell the fundraising cookies. Often these costs are minimized because the selling of the fundraising cookies is done by volunteers.

Another benefit to this type of fundraising effort is the money generated to serve the clients. Often those clients that are served by this type of fundraiser are young people in the community. The quality services that are provided address every aspect of the young person’s life. Those aspects include their physical, mental, educational, emotional and spiritual components.

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